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Our seven - week Beginners Programme aims to help our new members to develop their fitness level in a supportive and constructive environment while simultaneously developing the fundamental skills of kickboxing.

Since the club began in 2002 we have always welcomed new members, regardless of experience, fitness level or athletic ability. However, over the years we have become aware that new members can sometimes be a little anxious about starting training in martial arts or can be self-conscious about fitness levels etc.

Therefore, in order to fully cater for the needs of new members and insure that each member is given the opportunity to excel at their own pace and with the full support of our coaches, we now offer a specific programme aimed at beginners.

Numbers in these classes are limited so that beginners have ample opportunity to ask questions and coaches have plenty of time to interact with everyone in the class, helping them to develop the necessary skills.

Whether it’s fitness, weight loss, toning, self-defence or competition you’re after, we promise you won’t be disappointed with the training and support we offer.

What to expect:

At a typical beginners class you will begin with a short warm-up incorporating aerobic exercises (jogging on the sport, jumping jacks, strides, knee raises etc) and a few strength development exercises (sit-ups, push ups, squats, etc). Don’t worry at the beginning the reps will be quite low until you feel comfortable doing more!!

Following the warm-up will be a brief overview of the specific techniques being covered in that class, after which, you will be able practice the techniques on the pads (one person striking the pads while another holds the pads).

This part of the class is excellent for conditioning and fitness and will help you increase your understanding of the fundamentals of kickboxing, while giving you a great workout and improving your health and fitness.

Once everyone has had the opportunity to complete each of the pad rounds the class will conclude with a cool-down and some basic stretching exercises to improve flexibility and aid recovery (In other words it will help reduce soreness/stiffness the next day!!). When training regularly, you will notice a decrease in body fat, an increase in muscle mass, and an overall improved sense of well being.

How do I get started?

It’s easy. To book a place on one of our beginners courses (details of the next course will be in the news and events pages) just text/call 0879359123 or email and we will get back to you ASAP. Likewise, if you have any questions, which are not answered above or below, or if you would just like to talk to us about any aspect of the training, just contact us on the above details and we’ll be more than happy to answer your questions.

Alternatively, if you would like to drop into the club and speak to us in person or have a look the gym and observe one of our classes, you are more than welcome, just check the class schedule to see what time each class takes place.