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Thurles Kickboxing Club was established in 2003 under the guidance of its head coach Pat John McCoole. During this time the club has gone from strength to strength.

At our gym we understand that martial arts and fitness training are in an ever-evolving state and therefore we are constantly looking to develop new and exciting programmes for our members, as well as staying up to date with the newest advances in training. As such, we have had to ensure that our facilities allow for such advances at our new full time, fully equipped 3000 sq ft martial gym in Bay 1, Stradavoher Industrial Estate, Thurles.

The gym includes 3 boxing rings (two 16ft floor rings and a 18ft competition standard platform ring), punch bags, speed balls, wall pads, weights, kettle bells, medicine balls, pull up bars, toilets, shower, waiting room and tea/coffee facilities.

Catering for both fighters and non-fighters in equal measure. The club has had a great deal of success on both the national and international kickboxing circuits in recent years, having produced a number of Irish Champions at both junior and senior level, along with a five nations champion and a double world kickboxing and low kick silver medallist.

A typical training class will incorporate some of the following:

  • Basic warm-up comprising of both aerobic and strength training exercises.
  • Dynamic Stretching exercises.
  • Technical work.
  • Pad work and conditioning.
  • Bag work.
  • Defence and counter development.
  • Cool-down with static stretching to improve flexibility and improve recovery.

Sparring (application of technical work with a partner):

As some people have no interest in the contact side of training and may only wish to train for health and fitness benefits, we do not include sparring in our beginner class and it is optional in our intermediate and advanced classes. Sparring will however help you to apply the work you have practiced on the pads with a training partner in a non-compliant but controlled manner. Sparring sessions aim to develop the following elements:

  • Offensive and defensive techniques.
  • Distance, Rhythm and Timing.
  • Footwork.
  • Ring Craft.

All sparring is conducted under the strict supervision of our instructors and while it is encouraged, it is optional.


Pat John McCoole
Kickboxing/Low-kick/K1 Keysi Fighting Method (KFM):
Eimear McGrath
David Ryan
John Saddlier
Kordian Szukala
Grappling & Ground and Pound